GREEN  Recently, Greenwood and Green Primary students raised more than $50,000 for the Bulldog Dash.

The actual amount, $52,546.71, was raised in part because of the leadership provided by building principals Scott Shank and Carrie Marochino and Assistant Principal Keli Fultz. They promised the students that if they could raise $50,000, the three of them would let themselves be covered with slime. With that kind of a challenge, the race was on and the elementary students pulled out all the stops to hit the mark. The end result was going past that mark by $2,500.

And being the good sports, the three principals took part in the slime assemblies in their buildings much to the delight of their students. Of course, there was a little bit of drama, especially at Green Primary, where music teacher Jim Mitzel was the master of ceremonies.

To the chant of "slime them," Marochino and Fultz came on stage. From that moment on, it was one humorous incident after another as Mitzel tried to keep a straight face as the two victims raised one objection after another. Insisting on keeping the gym floor clean, kiddie pools were set up to catch the slime. Then, they expressed fears of drowning in the slime, so each received a life ring for flotation, along with swim fins. In order to breath and protect their eyes, each were then given with a snorkel and face mask. Finally, when all seemed ready to go, Fultz objected that the slime might be hard to get out of her hair, so bathing caps were brought out. Each outfit was also fashionably color coordinated.

Finally out of excuses, it was time for Marochino and Fultz to face their sliming. As a reward for their outstanding efforts, the 11 students who raised the most contributions all had a chance to pour slime from buckets onto their principals. Students included Gavyn Hart, Anthony Siciliano, Jack Rooney, Meredith Rooney, Brennan Green, Eliot Simpson, Morgan Beard, Jackson Anstine, Kamden Deshon, Mitchell Anstine and Nolan Deshon. The green, gelatinous mixture was scooped out by each student and poured slowly, or all at once, over Machocino and Fultz, depending on the inclination of the student. The crowd roared each time the green goop was dumped on them. Finally, after all the students had had their turn, it was time for the main event. Two male teachers lifted the five gallon buckets of slime and slowly dowsed the two administrators with gallons of the sticky green fluid. As it ran down and over them, the student body and the teachers all broke out into cheers while Marochino and Fultz gave a thumbs up as they got soaked in slime.

A similar assembly took place a week earlier at Greenwood where Scott Shank was also slimed. Shank is no stranger to such antics, once allowing his head to be shaved, and another time kissing a 600-pound pig when the goal was exceeded. At Greenwood, the top students were Calton Sumey, Dominic Deshane, Landyn Deshane, Monroe Kolic, Cameron Barlebaught, Claire Rooney, Colt Williams, Payton Green, Anna Fantozzi and Joey Fantozzi.

While this is not part of their job requirement, Shank, Marochino and Fultz were willing to step outside the box and do all they could to encourage their students to help raise money that will be used to provided needed items in the schools. It is all part of the willingness of Green staff members to go the extra mile to help make Green schools a great place for students to come and learn.