Dear Coventry School District Residents,

I am writing to urge your support of Issue 32, which is the renewal of an existing emergency levy for the daily operations of Coventry Schools. This renewal is critical to the financial recovery of Coventry Schools. Passage of this renewal will maintain a high education level for the children of the district, help to maintain a positive financial 5-year forecast, and hopefully allow the district to be released from our fiscal emergency. This is not something new, it is a renewal.

My friends, I cannot over emphasize the importance of renewing this levy. Some are suggesting and urging that the financial difficulties the district has faced over the past years should be blamed on the superintendent, or the treasurer, or the board of education, or all of the above. If you find it necessary to place blame, then you will place it where you want. Please don’t forget, however (this is critical), that the multiple failure of levies over the years has absolutely contributed negatively to the financial status of the district. School districts in Ohio live from levy to levy, it’s not just Coventry. 

I believe in a positive future for our children and our district. Please don’t be fooled by the negativity some individuals voice concerning our district. Look around, have you seen those people at a sporting event? At a band or choir concert? How about at a fundraiser for a family in need? You have not and I doubt you will. I am proud to be a member of the board of education and look forward to continuing my service to our district, and I’m pleased with the work the board has done. We have great students, a great staff and a great community. We are headed in the right direction which is forward.

I care about the future of our students and this district. I think you do too. Please support Issue 32. 

Dave Andrews

Member, Coventry Local Board of Education