Coventry Residents.  

Emergency School levies come around quite often in Coventry. In 2003, we were experiencing financial problems and passed the levy to give the schools the money they needed. We passed it again in 2008 and 2013. For some reason, they seem to always be in a financial crisis and have to continue passing these emergency levies. Another one started with the financial crisis in 2010 which we passed again in 2015, this one comes around again in 2020. Things need to change to get our financial house in order. Currently, we are in Fiscal Emergency, but I think we've really been there for 20 years. 

It's time to change the School Board. We have two new candidates willing to do the job, Ron Reed and Josh Hostetler. Along with Chris Davis running for re-election.  

They can have a positive financial impact.

Parents are complaining that their children are being told that everything is going to be cut, the school passed out a long list of items. They have been told the Washington, D.C., trip might not happen, even though parents pay for this trip. It's not fair to scare our kids. Remember the money for this levy continues through 2018.

Vote no on this Levy and let the newly elected school board finally solve Coventry Schools' fiscal problems.

Kathy Finefrock,
Coventry Township