To The Editor

The residents of Springfield township are being asked to support a parks levy. Coming up with even a few dollars is not easy for many families, but before you decide please consider the return on your investment. Check out some of the studies online that show increased value for homes where there are parks in the area. Parks offer safe, fun places for kids to spend time. Free concerts and events can lower your entertainment budget. Exercise equipment and walking trails offer an alternative to costly gym memberships. The Senior center is a place for cards, bingo, affordable homemade meals and much more.

These things already exist but there are many wonderful things possible if we can take advantage of available grants. Grants require a small percentage of investment from us and provide a big percentage of the the cost of projects. We are fortunate to have a parks director who is tenacious in his efforts to make improvements to our community and who has already brought in a lot of grant dollars. Without a budget he can't continue to do this. I know that my friends and neighbors in Springfield are hard working people who deserve to live in a place they can be proud of and that continues to increase in value and desirability for new families looking to buy homes. This small investment will bring a bring a good return.

YOU DESERVE THIS. Please consider a "Yes" vote.

Jan Becker,

Springfield Township resident