GREEN  Voters in Green will decide on new ward council members in three of the city’s four wards this November.

Bob Young, the incumbent Ward 2 councilman, is running for re-election is unopposed. A primary election held Sept. 12, however, narrowed the race in Ward 3 from four candidates to two. Rocco Yeargin and Susan Ridgeway obtained the most votes and are preparing for the Nov. 7 election.

"I am grateful for and humbled by the vote of confidence given by Ward 3 voters in the primary election," Yeargin said.

Ridgeway is also humbled to have gotten this far.

"My opponents ran great campaigns, so I am happy to be able to continue my campaign until November," Ridgeway said. "I hope to convince the residents of Ward 3 that I am the more qualified candidate. I am determined to meet and convince as many people as possible to vote for me November 7th."

Ridgeway believes she is the most qualified candidate conserving her lifelong career in public service. She served in the U.S. Navy, served on Green City Council and has worked at Green Local Schools and Akron Public Schools.

"I will never be wealthy, but I will go to my grave knowing I have made a difference in the lives of children and my community," Ridgeway said.

Yeargin said the most enjoyable part of the election process has been talking with neighbors about issues that matter to them.

"I look forward to continuing these discussions as I resume my door-to-door campaign," Yeargin said.

Serving on council in the 1990s, Ridgeway hopes to continue to help residents and respond to needs quickly.

"After having served on council before, the issues that we face as a city are rarely issues that we think of as partisan," Ridgeway said. "I will be the voice, of Ward 3, no matter what party our residents affiliate with and promise to return phone calls within 48 hours. Residents who I have helped in the past can attest to this. "

Yeargin said he respects the fact that every voter has a choice to make in November.

"I don't take it for granted that a voter who cast their ballot for me in the primary will automatically vote for me in the general election," Yeargin said. "So regardless of who voted for whom in the primary, I view the November election as a fresh opportunity to earn everyone's vote. "

Ridgeway believes invasive retail is on the mind of residents of Ward 3 and wants to continue fighting it.

"I am a trained researcher, and in 2009 when the new property tax code, 2009-21, was presented, which allows invasive retail that so many of our Ward 3 residents are rightfully outraged about, I voted against it," Ridgeway said. "I never received adequate answers for the questions I had about the legislation. I have voted no to many issues when they have would have negatively affected Ward 3 in some way."

Yeargin said he has also fought hard to stop retail near neighborhoods and said he asks for every voter’s support because of his commitment to Ward 3. He said he will quickly address the small problems in the neighborhoods and bring his training and experience to concur larger challenges that require a collective effort with other council members and the mayor. 

"I have listened carefully to residents from Boettler Road to Mount Pleasant Road, I understand their concerns, and I am eager to be their voice on council," Yeargin said.

Other races

In addition to the race in Ward 3, voters will decide in Ward 1 between current councilman James Ahlstrom and challenger Barbara Babbitt.

In Ward 4, current councilman John "Skip" Summerville is termed out and there are three candidates running for the seat. Voters will decide between Matt Shaughnessy, Jeff Noble and Sondra Clevanger.