The League of Women Voters of Kent is partnering with the Girls Scouts of North East Ohio to provide workshops so Scouts from Brownie up to Ambassador can earn citizenship badges.

Called The VOTER Girl Project, League members will provide instruction about citizenship, voting and leadership Oct. 21 at the Kent State University Twinsburg Regional Academic Center, to up to 340 Scouts from across Northeast Ohio.

To say Leaguers are excited is like giving them Thin Mints for a year, said members Sherry Rose of Kent and Amie Cajka of Munroe Falls, who are leading the committee's work. 

The mission of the League of Women Voters of the United States is to encourage an informed citizenry that actively participates in government. The League is a leader in providing non-partisan voter registration and creating opportunities for communities to engage with candidates and hear about issues that affect community life.

Committee members are happy to bring their expertise about voting, public policy and advocacy to work with Scouts on badges that explore voting, how government works, civic responsibility, finding common ground and civic dialogue. The workshops are free to Scouts. For information about how to sign up a troop or individual scout, go to

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan political organization encouraging the informed and active participation of citizens in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy. The League was founded in 1920 after passage of the 19th Amendment confirming women’s right to vote in the United States. Learn more about the League of Women Voters at and more about the Kent League which is coordinating the program at