Ralph Regula served in Congress under seven presidents.

Ralph Regula served in Congress under seven presidents. Here were his takes on each of them when interviewed shortly before his 90th birthday:

Richard Nixon — "Smart guy .... too bad he got mixed up in Watergate. He'd have been a superb president."

Gerald Ford — "Good guy. Right man for the job at the time. Jerry was a homespun Michigan guy."

Jimmy Carter — "I never could warm up to him very much. I loved (his wife) Rosalynn." Regula helped turn Carter's boyhood farm into a national park at the request of Rosalynn, and Regula attended the dedication. "You know, he never once thanked me for that."

Ronald Reagan — He and Regula exchanged letters about a fence Regula planned to build on his farm, complete with diagrams and directions from Reagan based on a fence he built at his ranch. "He was a good guy with a personality that people were able to warm up to."

George H.W. Bush — "He had good intentions and probably would have been a great president if he'd been re-elected."

Bill Clinton — "A likeable guy, very effective." Regula and his wife said they much preferred Clinton's wife, Hillary. She was instrumental in the creation of the First Ladies' Library.

George W. Bush — "He wasn't his father when it came to talent."


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