The smell of new asphalt is common across the area as cities and townships are in the heart of road construction season.

This year, like many recent years, road departments are putting a large amount of funding into roads due to aging infrastructure. In New Franklin, the city recently completed the state Route 93 project and is paving Center Road from South Main Street to Eastview Road. The second portion of Center Road will paved next year acting Deputy Service Director Bryan Kepler said.

"We are also going to be striping all the roads that were the old county roads same as we do every year," Kepler said.

In addition to Center Road, the city has a list of streets that will receive a chip and seal.

In Lake Township, a little more than 16 miles of road will be resurfaced. The bid for the work was awarded to Central Allied Enterprises Inc. for just more than $1 million.

All work in the township is expected to be done by early October.

The city of Green has budgeted $3.5 million for resurfacing this year. Koons Road will be resurfaced between Massillon Road and Arlington Road. Also, Mayfair Road from Greensburg Road to Heckman Road will be resurfaced this summer. The city will also be working on several other streets including some in subdivisions.

In addition to cities and townships, Summit County is putting $2.8 million into county roads.

"We have been steadily increasing our pavement maintenance spending each year," Summit County Government Affairs Liaison Heidi Swindell said. "We have been able to do this by reducing our operating expenses in order to put more money into roads."

Swindell said the county uses a pavement condition rating system that predicts how much money the county should spend each year to increase the county’s pavement quality.

In the last nine years, the county has increased the paving condition rating from 60 to 72 (on a scale of 100).

"The model we use suggests spending $3 million a year to continue increase pavement ratings," Swindell said. "This year we budgeted $3.2 million and the bids came in at a total of $2.8 million."