To the editor:

For the first time in over 20 years, I am voting no for a Springfield Township Police levy and encouraging others to also vote no due to the actions of some of the police department leadership.

Last year, I had an incident with the Springfield Police that left me with a large expense. As part of my research I obtained some personnel files from a public records request. I won’t elaborate on the details in this letter but I encourage voters in Springfield Township to request and view the personnel files of sergeants and above before voting for this levy. By doing so you will see how your tax dollars are being wasted.

Of course, most of the officers and higher level staff in the police department are true professionals, but the whole department needs to be run with integrity before they deserve any more tax dollars.

I also encourage my friends to reach out to me if you want to see the details that I have obtained.

Jorge Rodrigues,

Springfield Township