While many in Northeast Ohio recognize the growth and progress of the city of Green in recent years, that progress has had an international spotlight shined upon it this month, as the city is featured in the current issue of Business View North America magazine, a business-to-business publication with 400,000 subscribers across North America.

"Usually heritage architecture or building up a downtown – Green is completely different with a whole different set of challenges," said Lorie Steiner associate editor and social media manager at Business View Publishing. "It is a good story and there are a lot of others out there in the same predicament."

Steiner said the Business View editorial team was particularly intrigued by Green’s use of available land for business development efforts in ways that attract both Millennials and senior citizens.

"You are attracting both ends of the spectrum by keeping residents here and attracting (new) ones," she said.

The full-color feature titled "Green, Ohio: Progressive, Prosperous, and Promising" is part of the magazine’s City View section that profiles best practices of ‘Communities on the Grow’ across Canada and the U.S. Each month, Steiner said, the magazine profiles eight to 10 communities that are each unique, but have challenges that other cities can draw parallels to.

In the Green article, Community Development Administrator Jessica Hyser explains the challenges city leaders faced with never having an actual downtown to restore.

"So, to create a sense of place, we’ve seen a lot of development through the center of town, including medical facilities and the city’s Central Administration Building," Hyser said. "And last summer, we completed the $5 million Central Park, which connects neighborhoods to the commercial developments, and includes a community meeting room, splash pad, amphitheater, an ice skating rink in winter, playgrounds, and walking trails."

Hyser also discussed the CAK International Business Park expansion; building a 1.1-mile road to open 140 acres for development; and including necessary infrastructure such as sanitary sewer and potable water lines, stormwater basins and an easement for future electric and gas utilities.

By extending the city’s foreign trade zone into the new area, she said, "any company that’s looking to do international business has one less hurdle to overcome."

Steiner said this type of information intrigues Business View readers, many of whom are city planners and managers facing similar challenges with infrastructure and growing populations, as well as entrepreneurs seeking new areas to locate or expand their businesses.

Business View Publishing produces two exclusive B2B magazines – Business View North America and Business View Caribbean – in digital format each month. The "Green, Ohio: Progressive, Prosperous, and Promising" article can be found at www.businessviewmagazine.com/digital-magazines/mar-2017/#142-143