NEW FRANKLIN  Improvements to the Tudor House have been made this month to preserve the home, while the Tudor House Advisory Committee and New Franklin Mayor Al Bollas continue to plan for funding for an outdoor pavilion.

This month, roof and ceiling repair was completed in the home's breakfast room, along with concrete wall repair in the basement bathroom, construction of basement window well coverings and carpet cleaning. Costs for these improvements were $5,000. Bollas noted that the driveway will also need repaired. He may add that to the list of streets planned for chip and seal in 2017, if funds are available. In addition, New Franklin City Council agreed on Bollas’s recommendation to hire Goodwill Gardening to plant flowers and provide maintenance throughout the season at an annual cost of $3,600. Bollas said he will ask local nurseries for donations of plants and flowers.

Bollas announced at the March 15 city council meeting that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources informed him that the application for the Land & Water Conservation Fund grant program, planned for construction of an outdoor pavilion at the Tudoe House, was denied. It would have provided $60,000.

"We are still awaiting word for a Community Development Block Grant application," Bollas said, which would provide $50,000. "I was trying to pair those two (grants), with the city contributing $50,000, for a total of $160,000, for the expected cost of a completed outdoor pavilion."

To garner some revenue toward this planned project, the city will auction off property at 5955 Manchester Road on April 11, and expects to earn $10,000 from that sale. The city also sold two properties on Rex Road, which garnered $15,000.

The Tudor House, a historic home and grounds on Turkeyfoot Lake, is rented out for weddings, parties and corporate events. The Tudor House Advisory Committee has proposed the outdoor pavilion project for the last 18 months, to help in generating more revenue from the home.