GREEN  Since first hearing about the Summit County Courts program six years ago, Green Council Clerk Molly Kapeluck has taken the Summit County Children’s Services Easter Basket program to heart.

"The first year we did it, I saw how the case workers actually shopped for baskets for specific children – not just, ‘I need something for a 10-year-old.’ That pushed me to keep going," she said.

The program provides Easter baskets to more than 1,500 children in Children’s Services’ care each year. Locally, Kapeluck said she begins challenging her co-workers to donate items for the baskets each February. 

Over the years, the number of baskets has steadily grown.

"I think last year we had 46 and this year I was pretty certain we were going to set a record," she said.

As Kapeluck - along with volunteers from a number of community groups including city employees, the Green High School student council, and the Green Fire Department Women’s Auxiliary - began assembling baskets, it became evident that the city was going to reach a milestone.

On March 15, the volunteers delivered a record-setting 100 baskets.

"I told them we had 100 baskets and they said, ‘how many? Oh, okay," Kapeluck laughed when she recounted her conversation with Children’s Services representatives.