NORTH CANTON  During the summer months, vehicles can get extremely hot when sitting outside in the sun. Pets and even children can sometimes get left inside a hot car, which can reach temperatures well over 100 degrees in a matter of a few minutes.

Students at St. Paul’s School in North Canton are hoping to help keep cars cooler with the invention of the TT-Temp, a device created by six middle school students in the First Lego League, that detects if something living was left in a car and, if it gets too hot, the vehicle starts and the air conditioning turns on. Sam Fonner, Emma Curd, Will Bopp, Xavier Hinton, Parker White and Seth Snyder are members of the team that designed the device.

This year’s theme was Animal Allies where the students had to solve a problem where animals and humans interact. Work on the TT-Temp began in late August as students spent countless hours researching the problem and trying to come up with a solution. The group of students said finding a solution wasn’t easy and took time.

Plans were drawn up and the group created two models: One for remote-start vehicles and one for vehicles that don't have that feature.

The model was taken to several pet clinics and the team was required to present its project to a professional organization. The team chose the Jackson Fire Department, which gave the invention its stamp of approval. Throughout their presentation, the students said they were asked a lot of questions about the device that they had never thought of.

Some of the challenges students were posed with is what happens if the vehicle runs out of gas or if the battery goes dead.

St. Paul's Principal Amie Hale said she is proud of the hard work and research that went into the invention.

"This is a big accomplishment," Hale said.

Hale said the students spent a lot of weekends working on the invention.

"We are only going to see more and more great things from this group in the future," Hale said.

The group has applied for a patent and hopes to test the device in vehicles this summer when it gets warmer.