HARTVILLE  Bidding early has paid off big for the village when it comes to its 2017 road repaving program.

"I’m really pleased with the numbers we got," Village Engineer Rob Graham said if the five bids the village received this year. "They were lower than we expected and lower than last year. Asphalt came in at about $5 a cubic yard lower than last year."

Bids were opened Feb. 7 and the project is expected to be awarded at council’s next regular meeting, Feb. 20. Canton-based Central Allied Enterprises was the low bidder, with its base bid of $254,240 and alternate bid of $329,503.

The base bid calls for the repaving of Parkwood Avenue and Woodland, Lynnview, and Billman streets. The alternate bid adds three more streets, Tonawanda Trail, Seneca Trail and Wagler Avenue.

Graham said the village also has a 49 percent Ohio Public Works Commission grant, up to $145,700, along with $30,000 in municipal road funds from 2016 and "probably $10,000 more (in municipal road funds) coming in 2017" at its disposal for the 2017 repaving program.

Due to the low bids, Graham suggested council further discuss options to "maximize our dollars," by possibly adding more roads to the paving list. 

The parameters of the OPWC grant, likewise, are contingent upon a certain amount being allocated to the project, Graham added.

Sign denied

Council also upheld a board of zoning appeals recommendation to deny a request by Spitzer Ford to erect an 18-square-foot directional sign at the dealership’s service entrance on Route 43 North. The village zoning code permits a maximum of 8 square feet for signs of this type.

BZA Chairman Morris Dingman said that following the 3-0 vote, the board recommended approval of the 8 square foot sign, should the applicant return with such a request. Dingman added that BZA members were also concerned that the location of the sign could impede traffic visibility. The location was not part of the application, Dingman said, but board members recommended that any sign placement be approved by the village police department before approval.

Bills contested

Council members approved the village’s monthly bills by a 3-1 vote, with council members Jim Sullivan and Sheila Stewart absent. 

Councilwoman Bev Green voted against approving all bills, stating that she could not approve $26.67 in donated funds for the police department K-9 unit equipment because "the K-9 unit hasn’t been approved by council."

Green also contested the payment of another $26.67 bill to the Canton Repository, stating that she would prefer the village use "our local paper" for public notices.