SPRINGFIELD TWP.  After the Jan. 19 Springfield Township Board of Trustees special meeting was called to order, the board went into executive session to consider the following:

- The appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or official.

- The investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual.

- To conference with the Township Attorney concerning legal matters or pending or imminent court action to include discussion of Summit County Common Pleas Case No. CV-2016-08-3379, as well as a matter involving other imminent court action.

When the regular meeting resumed, Trustee Joe DiLauro left the meeting and trustee Dean Young moved for the board to go into recess until Fiscal Officer Sharon Harms arrived.

After the recess, the regular meeting resumed and a work session was conducted. Young made a motion for the executive session to reconvene. The board went into executive session along with Attorney Warren Price and Harms.

When the meeting resumed, the trustees approved an addition to Section 27 of the Organization Resolution, regarding how mail was handled.

Mail addressed to the Board of Trustees or to Springfield Township generally will be opened by the office manager, stamped with date of receipt and routed to the proper person. Trustees are to be notified of their mail, including invoices requiring their attention, by email notice or addendum to their next work session, depending on the urgency.

Mail that is addressed to the fiscal officer by name or title will be routed to the fiscal officer without being opened.

This new policy will alleviate maintenance of a Post Office box.

Other procedures approved were how to follow reports of the township's financial condition. The fiscal officer now is to provide reports monthly that contain all funds received and all disbursements made during the month. That report would include a revenue status, cash summary by fund, appropriation status, fund status and purchase order charges for the general fund.

Soon all reports and the Universal Account Number (UAN) program will be available to trustees, department heads and the office manager. Trustees also approved that purchase order charges be provided to the department heads.

Expense payments will require prior authorization (together with identification of the proper fund line) by the department head whose fund line is affected. Payroll checks will be reviewed for accuracy by a trustee, or other designee of the trustees.

Trustee Dean Young said it continues to be important to evaluate projects as they go along.

"Particularly with what is happening with state funding for local government," Young said. "We have to be sure we are keeping an eye on our budget."