Have you ever thought about ordering food from a restaurant but didn’t really want to go pick up the order? Need groceries, but have no time to shop but want them on your doorstep right when you get home from work?

Aaron Hoffman and John Zinno, childhood friends and Jackson High School graduates, have the answer to your dilemma with their DeliverThat business, with allows people to have items such as food and groceries delivered to their doors either via the DeliverThat app or by placing an order at www.ideliverthat.com.

"We are similar to Uber," said Hoffman, who moved into Jackson Township in third grade, around the same time Zinno moved into the township. Both attended Strausser Elementary together. "Anyone who is in the Jackson/Belden Village area, within in a five mile radius, can place an order and we will deliver. We will go out as far as Mount Pleasant and to the Strip.

"The neat thing is, you place the order on our website or with the app. In real time, you can see how the order is progressing. We will let you know when we pick up the order. You can track your driver by GPS and know when he is five minutes away."

Hoffman and Zinno started this business when they were students at Ohio University.

"This idea was born in our dorm room," said Hoffman, who graduated with a degree in finance and real estate. Zinno graduated with a degree in real estate and entrepreneurship. "We were walking to the dining room and it was cold outside. We thought, why not have food or anything delivered."

DeliverThat charges $3.99 per delivery, plus 8 percent of the cost. It will not deliver items such as alochol, firearms, illegal substances and anything that will not fit in a compact car.

The business in Athens was so successful, Hoffman and Zinno expanded the model to other college towns such Oxford, Dayton, Kent and now Jackson.

They will be looking to expand to North Canton next; then Fairlawn and possibly into Plain Township.

"Our friends think we are crazy," said Hoffman, who is advid golfer and enjoys hiking and climbing. He said Zinno enjoys riding his bike and outdoor activity. " They are like why not work a 9 to 5 job. But this is an affordable service. We are working on perfecting this idea."

Jackson is our hometown. Typically, we have been in college towns. Jackson is a little different in that it is not a college town. We will be targeting 18-to 30-years-olds, who are tech savvy. But this service is for everyone."

Hoffman and Zinno believe in giving back to the community. They have sponsored a King of Courts basketball tournament, Queens of the Beach volleyball tournament, 5Ks, relays, marathons and sponsored an Athens youth basketball team.

‘We have been featured on the Fox Business Channel," said Hoffman. "We have also been on Discovery Channel Innovations TV channel."

Hoffman wanted to emphasize two items for customers working with his company.

"When you place an order, everything is completely secure," said Hoffman. "People pay through PayPal. The customer does not have to give any personal information. This is completely backed and safe. The site is transparent. You can follow the order every step of the way."

Hoffman said as long as a driver is available, an order can be placed. He said they hope to be operating from 11 a.m. to midnight. Right now, there are seven drivers in Jackson Townshp, but they are looking for additional drivers. Interested drivers can apply on their website.

"With our service, if you want groceries delivered to your house at 6 p.m., we will have the groceries there," said Hoffman.