NORTH CANTON  It’s that time of the year when many in the area are awaiting fresh corn-on-the-cob. Area farmers are telling customers at local farmer’s markets that the corn will be ready soon. That was the news coming from the North Canton Farmer’s Market on July 16.

Farmer’s market shoppers are anxiously awaiting the variety of fresh produce and fruits to hit the local outdoor marketplaces. Dan Tullius, who helped form the North Canton Farmer’s Market, said the market is back to Saturday mornings this year.

"We changed the day of the week last year to Tuesday evenings to draw more vendors, but the community seems to prefer the Saturday mornings so we switched back this year," Tullius said. "Many of the vendors are gearing up for more produce in the coming weeks. Every week the vendors bring something new to the market."

Claudia Keiser, marketing manager of the market, said there are several new vendors coming this summer.

"The Women’s Guild is new this year, they are selling shabby sheik type items," Keiser said. "We are averaging 10 vendors a week so far this summer. There’ll be more vendors each week as the produce matures. The market is open through the end of October as long as the weather holds out."

Produce vendors have been selling early produce such as lettuce, onions, radishes and beets. Melissa Wutrick from Zeller’s Farm said the corn will be coming shortly as will tomatoes and peppers.

Rick Flood of Flood’s Produce said that he’d have Silver Queen corn in the next two weeks. He said Silver Queen is a white corn that is sweet and tasty. He also said cantaloupes will be available in the next week or so.

The North Canton Farmer’s Market is open 8:30 a.m. to noon every Saturday through the end of October. It’s located in the parking lot of the Main Street Grille and St. Paul’s Catholic Church on South Main Street.