NORTH CANTON  There was plenty of barking going on at Witwer Park in North Canton on July 30. The rain from the night before and the fog hanging around throughout the morning didn’t stop people from coming out to the Doggone North Canton Adoption and Wellness Fair.

Topping off a week filled with canine-related events, the annual adoption and wellness fair had 20 rescue organizations with many dogs available for adoption that day. Some groups took applications for dog adoptions.

Doggone Week is a weeklong promotion dedicated to dogs and the people who love them and make them a part of their family. The week was supposed to start with the downtown North Canton dog walk on July 24 and end with the Doggone North Canton Dog Adoption and Wellness Fair on July 30. The walk was canceled due to high temperatures and high humidity.

This is the third year for the weeklong promotion. The events are organized by Pawsitive Ohio and are made possible through partnerships with community organizations such as the North Canton Public Library, the North Canton Chamber of Commerce and the North Canton YMCA.

Jenn Harrington, director of Pawsitive Ohio, said the goal for the day was to have 40 dogs adopted by 2 p.m. There were 15 dogs adopted by 12:30 p.m.

"Many of our rescue organizations take applications so that they can do home visits and vet checks and I know there have been many applications completed this morning so far in addition to the people who are taking dogs home today," Harrington said during the event. "The adoption and wellness fair is a great way for us to educate the community about the many different dog adoption agencies and other groups that help ensure the safety and wellness of our pets. Spay Neuter Ohio is here with information on why its important to spay and neuter. There are also some veterinary services and training companies here today. We also have Wags for Warriors here to tell people about their service dog program."

Michelle Wehner came from Erie, Pa., to visit her sister and to look for her first dog to adopt. She adopted a puppy from the Save A Mom adoption agency.

"I researched the event online before coming over and decided it was a good place to look for my first dog to raise on my own," Wehner said. "I found a Blue Healer mixed puppy, he’s a male and is nine weeks old. I haven’t decided on his name yet."

Hansolo, a 14-week-old English bulldog, was getting a lot of attention. He was lying in a blue basket and was being offered for adoption by Buckeye Bulldog Rescue out of Grove City.

"The family who originally purchased Hansolo brought him home to an adult dog that didn’t like having a new puppy in the home," said Amy Moore-Ramirez of Buckeye Bulldog Rescue. "The family dog was aggressive towards Hansolo so the family decided to give him up to us so we could put him up for adoption. We rescue about 100 bulldogs a year and try to find homes for them."

As the morning turned into afternoon, the fog lifted and so did the temperature. The dogs seemed happy with all of the attention they were getting and the people strolling around the event were getting to hold and pet some great puppies and dogs.