GREEN  An iconic Green business will celebrate 30 years in business in a few months. Splash N Dash, located at 3673 Massillon Road, opened in December 1986 and has grown with the community. Its owner has been a part of the community throughout his life.

"I thought a car wash was something Green would like," said owner Jim Branney, a Green High alumni and resident. "So we looked around and talked with other car wash operators. I think we did it right because as Green has grown so too has the car wash grown with the community. Today we have five self-service bays, one automatic bay, a lube shop, a detailing shop, and even a pet wash area."

Branney himself had a varied background prior to opening the car wash. His family owned the old A&W drive-in up on Waterloo Road and he worked there. Branney recalled how the business became a popular hangout for Green students back in the 1970s and early 1980s. He later worked with his father in the oil and natural gas well-drilling business, but once he decided to open the car wash, he split his time between the two before ultimately concentrating solely on the car wash.

Branney credits his wife Terry with the name, which has stayed with the business as it has grown. The growth included the addition of two automatic bays in 1992, a conveyor wash in 1997 and later, a   touchless wash using high pressure water and soap to remove dirt and grime. Customers now have the option of letting their cars air dry or for an extra charge, they can have their vehicle  towel-dried. The installation of the conveyor system really increased the business' volume tremendously, according to Branney.

However, it's another new addition that has made an even bigger splash.

"One of the things our customers really love is the pet wash," Branney said. "It is open 24/7 and people can bring in their pets to wash and dry them. It opened in 2009 and has been very popular."

The business also opened its lube center in November 2001, finding that that an oil change and car wash go well together.

Through the years, hundreds of Green High and other local students have worked at the car wash, Branney noted, including all his children: son Ryan (who currently works there) and daughters Shannon, Caitlin, Heather, Olga, and Zina. His son-in-law, Alex Shively, who married his daughter Heather, also is currently employed at the car wash.

"This has been a good family business," Branney said. "It has given both my children and the other students we have employed a good opportunity to work and learn responsibility. My wife and I couldn't ask for a better community to raise our kids in and get to know the people through the car wash. Added to that is the fact we have great loyal customers. We have been blessed with working in a great community for the past 30 years and have enjoyed giving back to the community. We couldn't ask for more and are very thankful to be here."

Branney has seen a lot over 30 years and had some unusual experiences.

"We have a runner who jogs in front of the car wash and one day she had an unusual request. She wanted to know if she could run through the car wash on a hot day after her run. I had to tell her, 'No' for safety reasons but that was one of the more interesting requests I have had."