GREEN Tyler Case, with 21 merit badges already collected, hopes to have his Eagle Rank by the end of next year with the help of some people and hundreds of wooden guns.

Case, 14, will be a freshman at Green High School next year and first got involved with the Cub Scouts in second grade. He said there was no particular reason he joined - just that he felt like joining. He is now a member of the Queen of Heaven Church 334 Boy Scouts Group.

Some of the badges he has obtained are cooking, camping, welding, fishing and the rifle badge.

Case worked with Ken Fry from the Ohio Division of Wildlife to help come up with an idea for his Eagle Scout project. He designed a project to create 145 wooden guns, which will be used for instructional purposes. Case said using these wooden replicas will be better way to help teach others about guns without the need to worry about an accident happening.

The project began in January as Case planned out how much it would cost, how many people would help make the wooden guns and who would do what job. Once the project was approved in April, a group of scouts, along with a few adults, helped Case and his dad, David, create the replicas.

"It worked out smoothly," Tyler Case said.

Following the completion of the project, Case will write up about what went right, what went wrong and what he would to change the project in the future. He said the entire process to complete the project has been a lot of work.

David Case got involved as a parent volunteer when his son joined, and now he is the committee chairman for the group of 34 scouts.

"It is just fun working with the scouts and the camping," David Case said.

Tyler Case said what he enjoys most about the Boy Scouts is having the opportunity to shoot BB guns and being able to go fishing and camping. He said he plans to stay involved with the Boy Scouts as he gets older.