After a marathon April meeting, the May Green Local Schools Board of Education meeting was relatively short and to the point with two major reports given - dealing with finances and permanent improvements.

District Treasurer Eydie Snowberger gave her report on the yearly Five-Year Forecast required by the state. She pointed out that 53 percent of school funding comes from property taxes, while the state provides and additional 33 percent. The small remaining amount of revenue comes from a variety of sources. Out of the total funding amount, approximately 83 percent in the district goes toward salary and benefits. That falls within the state average of between 80 to 85 percent. Of there remaining funds, 12 percent go for purchased services such as utilities, while the remaining 5 percent goes toward other expenses.

Snowberger pointed out that the three unions are all on the same negotiations schedule and that the current contracts run through June, 2017. During the last few years, Green has been fortunate to use purchasing services to get lower costs for essential items which has saved money. There have also been several premium medical holidays that have saved $500,000 per holiday. Snowberger predicted that, assuming the current state of funding and the passage of tax renewals, the district should be in sound financial shape into 2020.

The other report dealt with permanent improvements and was presented by Director of Operations Wendall Jackson, who began with a list of fixed expenses that amount to 63 percent of the budget. These include salaries (25 percent), bus leases (4 percent), debt payment (18 percent) tech purchases (8 percent) audit expenses (2 percent) and software/textbooks (6 percent).

Jackson pointed out the district has made improvements such as the new sports facilities, resurfacing, along with others less noticeable ones like elevators, lighting, heating and air conditioning, roofs, and bleachers. He pointed out that Green is one of the few schools to receive a "Blue Star Certification" for energy efficiency, a distinction given to only 8 percent of schools in Ohio. He also pointed out that improvements in heating and lighting saved the district $167,901 this year.

In other business, the board:

n Honored students and staff. The "Students of the Month" were Kyra Fultz, Greenwood; Lydia Zorn, Green Primary; Faith White, Green Intermediate; Eric Rohweder, Green Middle; and Taylor Fulton and Trent Maynard, Green High. Staff members spotlighted under "Bulldog Strong" were Kristin Cheshire, psychologist; Scott Horning, custodian; and Dr. Mary Ann Stahr, library media specialist.

n The board approved payment of bills and the financial report as submitted by the treasurer. Approval was given for payment of an invoice from Morse, Gantverg and Hodge for $4,041.50 for court reporting and transcript services for special education due process hearings. The board approved the payment to the city of Green of $141,094.85 for utility costs and receptionist staffing from September, 2012 through March, 2016.

n The consent calendar was passed, with a note on the promotion of Assistant principal Carrie Marochino to Green Primary Principal. She will replace Scott Shank who will be moving to take the same position at Greenwood vacated by Scott Aten. Note was also made of the retirement of Susan Reed , Library Aide at Green High on July 1.

n The only additional item considered was an updated contract with Northeast Ohio Network for Educational Technology (NEONET) for managed internal broadband/wireless service. The annual amount for the three year contract will be $20,250.00.

n The board then adjourned into Executive Session. The next board meeting will be June 27 at 6:30 PM in the Central Administration Building (CAB) in Council Chambers.