JACKSON TWP.  Don Ake lost his job as a market analyst in the transportation industry in the summer of 2009. He had done some writing in college, so he decided to start a blog about economics while he was off work.

That blog, called “Model T Stock Trends,” was started in fall of 2009. Ake said he started to add humor to his posts about today’s economics, which boosted his readership. 

The humor lead to the second blog called “Ake's Pains,” which includes posts and observations about life in general. Posts from both blogs can now be found in Ake’s new book, “Just Make Me a Sammich.”

“The book is a collection of humorous personal stories, absurd observations, and social commentaries on our bizarre culture,” Ake said. “One day, I injected humor into my posts about economics and the next day I started getting feedback about the humor. I wrote a humor column for my high school newspaper and also wrote a highly popular humor column in college. Writing humor is what I do best.”

The first chapter in the book is about “Men and Women (or Women and Men).” The first story is titled “Science Says: Make Me a Sammich.” Some of the humorous posts on the economic blog include “Potty Economics” and explains how toilet paper sales are an economic indicator. 

Other sections include posts about topics such as celebrity absurdities, what’s happening on the home front, wedding happenings, holiday cheer, Ake’s thoughts about being a man, the humor of politics and much more. 

“I’m not into offending people to get a laugh,” Ake said. “The book isn’t exactly politically correct so it may offend some people. The second blog really doesn’t have a theme to it. The posts are my observations about daily life. My blog readers are diverse. I have more female eaders on the blog than male readers.”

The feedback Ake has received is diverse as well. His blog has been seen by readers in 20 different countries.

“While my blog is read worldwide,” Ake said, “my humor is good Midwest humor.”

Ake includes preview paragraphs before each of the posts in the book and also adds a postview about the post. 

“I provided the pre and post views to explain why I wrote the post and about the feedback on the post,” Ake said. 

Ake’s favorite posts include “A Christmas Letter to Brag About” and is a blog about those letters you get from family members at Christmas that are written and sent to entirely benefit the writer.

The second post he likes is the “Funny Business at the Comedy Club.” 

Ake and his wife Dawn have lived in Jackson Township for more than 20 years. They have two daughters, Allison and Cassandra.

Ake is back to work in the transportation industry and is continuing his economics blog for his company. He is also continuing to post the humor blog. Plus, there may be a second book in the works. 

“This book debuted November of last year,” Ake said. “Right now, I’m focused on marketing the book and I’ll think about a second book soon.”

Ake self-published his book and has been surprised by the amount of time it takes to market the book. Feedback from readers and other authors has been positive. 

Ake has held a number of book signings in the area and hopes to speak at lunches and social events to further promote the project. The book is available on amazon.com and through his website at www.donake.net. An e-book version is available at both amazon.com and barnesandnobel.com.