LAKEMORE Saint Pio Fine Arts Institute and Conservatory has been displaying art works from local Artist Lois Mullaly (deceased) at its new location in Lakemore.

Although Mullaly created many different styles of paintings at a special request from family members, she specialized in seascapes. She loved to take photos of the sea and its ever-changing moods and colors. She would then capture those scenes on the canvas paying attention to the details of the foam patterns, reflections and waves. She was known for her expression of each individual detail. Her paintings hang in homes from Hawaii to South Carolina.

Mullaly’s artwork was part of the Christmas Art Show hosted by the Saint Pio Fine Arts Institute and Conservatory Fine Arts. It is the parent organization of the art studio in Lakemore. Tom Jenny is pastor of the Saint Pio Mission and wanted to have the art gallery, which reaches out into the community, to be a subsidiary so each gallery that is added would be coordinated through the parent organization.

He said the art is secular artwork.

“I don’t have any religious art, per say, because everyone should feel included,” Jenny said. “The only thing that I would avoid would be something in bad taste.”

He said that he has worked with Lakemore Mayor Rich Cole to begin an arts board for the village. This is an inaugural effort and as 2020 goes on they will be doing more events. The board is looking at having arts in the park and a slew of other ideas.

“I never wanted to have one art gallery; I would like to have a dozen in the area,” Jenny said. “This is what I do for fun. I enjoy it.”

He said when he came to live in Lakemore it was a no brainer to set up an art gallery and art events.

“When you see how beautiful it is with all the garden spots and the lake and everything, it is perfect.” Jenny said. “Tremont didn’t start out as Tremont, Coventry Heights didn’t start out as Coventry Heights and Ohio City didn’t start as Ohio City, they had to start somewhere.”

He referred to the Coventry section of Cleveland Heights and the buildings that are well over 100 years old. He said they are old with a rustic feel, but they have been able to be utilized because of how clean and well maintained they are.

Jenny said Lakemore can take what is already here and use it to spotlight the good things about the community.

“That is what makes people come and investigate to see what we are all about,” Jenny said.

He said if you have a vital thriving community of which the arts are a part of it, businesses are helped, and property values raise.

The show with Mullaly’s work was the start and Jenny hopes to have art shows each month.

The gallery is in the community room at the Goodwill Store in Lakemore Plaza, 1500 Canton Road. Jenny said that Goodwill has been supportive of the arts program.

"We are very excited to welcome this art gallery to the Village of Lakemore,“ said Lakemore Mayor Rich Cole. ”Art brings people together to share their perspectives and stories on life, and we are happy that this gallery will provide local access and space for everyone across all boundaries to create, share and inspire.

Jenny plans to hold art classes for kids at the location and eventually adults. It is in the plans to have art galleries at multiple locations and continue to model the Lakemore gallery to offer classes that everybody can participate in.

“A lot of people can’t participate in things because of the cost,” he said.

Jenny said free classes would allow for more people to learn and enjoy participating in art. Artists would donate their time so students could learn something that they can take with them the rest of their lives.

Jenny said when he was a kid in parochial school, students were exposed to the arts and went to the museums, the ballet, and more.

“We were well rounded and exposed to the arts,” he said. “With budget cuts in schools today, I want to get students started doing more in the arts and then they will be able to create on their own and make the world a better place. Finding a way that we can connect, something in common so we can get along.”

To view the art, ask a manager to unlock the room so you and explore.

For more information visit the Facebook page Saint Pio Fine Arts and Conservatory or email Jenny at The location of the gallery is 1500 Canton Road.

“It is not an exclusive gallery, it is an inclusive gallery,” said Jenny. “It is important that everyone is included.”