Autumn is a chance for many Americans to take a breath from the extreme heat of summer before brutal winter weather presents itself. It’s also the perfect time to repair issues on your home that you may have put off.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. Winter brings along its own set of challenges if you live in a region where heavy snowfall or freezing temperatures are common. Learn the right steps to take and resolve problems caused by the summer and prepare your home for the incoming cold.

Pressure Wash

Over time, our home’s beauty falls victim to elements like sunlight, rain, wind and pollution. The result can be a dirty or sometimes green color clinging to the siding. The safest and most effective way to eliminate it and restore a structure’s appeal is with a pressure washer.

When choosing to purchase a pressure washer and perform the job yourself, research the unit that works best for your needs. Typically you can choose from gasoline or electric models. For big jobs like cleaning a house, one that operates on gas is your best bet as it will feature higher flow rates and a more powerful performance.

While the job isn’t difficult with a little practice, you can hire an expert to wash your home at an affordable rate. Many reputable businesses use commercial cleaners that aren’t available to the public and will avoid damaging compromised siding or windows.

Inspect the Roof

Roofs are subject to degradation during intense summer heat and heavy snowfall or ice in the winter. Autumn is the perfect time to inspect your roof for damage and find a professional to repair or replace it. Here are a few signs that your home’s cover needs attention, from the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety.

Loose or cracked shingles, missing granules from tiles and buckling shingles, leaks inside the attic, water stains on the roof decking, a discolored roofing deck, interior water stains on the ceiling, and cracked ceiling paint or peeling wallpaper.