One of the core pledges of the members of the Stark County Association of Realtors and our state and national counterparts (Ohio Realtors and The National Association of Realtors) is to champion legislation that fights for the rights of property owners. We are the only organization in the country to do so. A decade long battle of your Ohio Realtors has ended in victory this week when a bill establishing state licensure of home inspectors was signed into law by Governor Kasich. This brings an important consumer protection to our state when purchasing or selling a home.

Home inspections are the last unregulated part of residential real estate transactions, the largest financial investment a family can make in their lives. Ohio is the 31st state to adopt licensing policies for home inspectors. This new law which goes into effect March 4 will create education and experience requirements for new inspectors, grandfather ability for current qualified inspectors, create a pathway for consumers to have their complaints addressed, and will also establish a recovery fund for consumers seeking reparations after obtaining a judgement.

The measure was supported by thousands of realtors throughout the state, various home inspector associations, and is considered a big win by the leadership here at the Stark County Association of Realtors. Area residents purchasing or selling a home in 2019 can know they are better protected at every step of the transaction. Talk to your favorite realtor member today to learn more about our ongoing dedication to protecting your rights as a property owner.

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