Our house smells really bad today. Not because of anything rotten, but we are having sauerkraut and kielbasa for dinner tonight to celebrate the New Year. It’s in the Crock Pot simmering away.

At least I’m able to smell something. For the entire month of December one of us has been sick. The Man of the House shared his huge cold with me. It wasn’t already enough that I had to suffer through two weeks of it with him. I suppose it was some kind of justice because I sometimes secretly suspect he is milking an illness for all it’s worth just to be waited on hand and foot.

Now I know just how bad he felt. Shame on me. I usually bounce back from such things really quickly but going on the third week of this thing is ridiculous. I did finally go to the doctor after the cold settled in my eye. I was hoping for something to fix it quickly since we were due to drive down to South Carolina to celebrate a late Christmas with the kids.

All I was told was to wash out the eye with baby shampoo and apply the non-prescription eye drops which I already have. I could have found that advice out on the internet — which I should have done — and saved the co-pay.

I did get myself patched up enough to make the trip to South Carolina in more than five hours of pouring rain. There were huge puddles on the road. It added even more drive time to the trip but finding a route off of the Interstate has been a great way to go.

Great-grandson Jensen was the main attraction during our delayed Christmas event, being passed around all day long, never having to sleep alone. His grandmother Robyn can not keep her hands off of him. He has doubled his birth weight and outgrown his newborn to 3-month-old clothes already.

We are always glad to see our family and also attended our old church to see our many friends there. Now we are glad to be at home. The older we get the more we like our own established routine and our own stuff.

It is a warm New Year’s here. It is in the 60s which is a nice change. I am itching to take down the Christmas decorations but will wait until later in the week. Instead I promised The Man of the House that I would bake a mince pie for him. No one else in the family really likes it so doing it after the majority of the holidays are over is a good idea. No need to share that way.

There is no point in making any resolutions. One of our nieces says hers is to write 2019 this year. I think that will be enough of a challenge at the beginning.

The bills are coming in. It’s time to pay for automobile and homeowners insurance. Somehow our agent dropped the ball and did not ask us for our North Carolina driver’s license number in a timely manner. Two weeks ago we got a rude letter explaining for that reason they could sell us only liability insurance for our cars and not the entire package that we had previously.

Why they did not call to ask for our numbers we do not know, but the office manager has taken the blame for it. When we walked into the office and presented her with our driver’s licenses she wrote it all down and said the problem was fixed. It is not fixed as we just got the bill and paperwork for the lesser coverage which we do not want.

This will require another visit or call to their office tomorrow.

It’s always something.