JACKSON TWP. Terry Tocchi, the children’s librarian at the Jackson Township Branch Library, offers a Wednesday morning Move to the Music class for children birth to five years old. The young ones come with a parent or grandparent and listen to music, sing and dance.

While the 30-minute program is fun for everyone attending, it also has important learning components to the activity.

“We usually get around 30 people every Wednesday, it’s a very popular program and we’ve added it as one our yearlong programs,” Tocchi said. “The singing, activities and dancing have some early literacy concepts. Hearing and saying the rhyming words and the music is impactful for early literacy.”

Tocchi offered a number of songs including one where the kids were encouraged to point out their head, shoulders, knees, feet, ears and eyes. Another song had the kids using colorful ribbons while singing about rainbows.

Tocchi said the library has added Move to the Music to the yearlong schedule and its considered regular programming every Wednesday morning from 11 to 11:30 a.m. The library does prefer parents register for each class but Tocchi said parents and kids are more than welcome to just walk in and enjoy the program.