JACKSON TWP. Dough Co. Doughnuts & Coffee shop on Hills and Dales Road opened a year and half ago. It has always been a busy place since opening but this past month, that has been exceptionally true.

The Bowers family owns and operates three shops: one in Jackso Township, one in Dover/New Philadelphia and one in Sugarcreek.

Tammi Bowers said the Jackson Township shop has been the busiest of the three where they are making 7,000 donuts a weekend. The line of people waiting to get into the shop on most weekends goes along the front and down the side of the building. She believes one of the reasons for the increase in business are all the positive reviews and photos on the Stark and Tuscarawas County Takeout Facebook groups.

“I just want to say thank you to all of those in the community that have put such positive remarks, all those who have stood patiently in line and those who voted us best doughnut,” Tammi said. “These have been difficult times for all of us and the Canton store has really allowed us to stay in business. Both of the other locations have had steady business but the support from the Stark County community has blown us away.”

Tammi said she and her husband, Robert, have been able to work from home while their children – sons Langston and Grayson and daughter Eren, who helps manages the Jackson store – have kept the three shops open and running. Two other sons Christian and Bob have been running the production side of the business at the Dover shop. Tammi does the bookkeeping and Robert has been doing repairs around the shops when needed.

“Everyone has been working really hard and long hours but especially Christian and Bob because they are working long shifts to keep up with the demand.” Tammi said.

Eren said everyone has been so patient at the Jackson store and they appreciate that, too. She said they were almost out of doughnuts one day and her brother said he could bring some up from the Dover and Sugarcreek stores.

“We told everyone that it would 15 to 20 minutes for the truck to get to the store and everybody waited for us to get the doughnut cases filled back up,” Eren said.

The shop offers an order ahead convenience where customers can call ahead at 330-915-8053 and preorder on any day in any amounts. Erin said that has been so busy that many times people have told her they couldn’t get through on the phone.

“We have put an employee on curbside and that’s what that employee does all day is take calls and deliver boxes of donuts to customers in the parking lot,” Eren said.

Tammi said they are continually making more doughnuts for the Jackson store every day, but they have started to experience some troubles with the supply chain and getting in all of the supplies they need.

The company has implemented many safety and health features, including closing the dining area, keeping up with the required cleaning and sanitizing and employees are wearing masks and gloves. Tammi said they have been ahead of the curve many times because they implemented many of the new procedures before they were required to do so.

Another procedure they have been using is to pair up all the employees into teams so that each employee will be working all the time with the same team member. Tammi said if one person of the team became ill, then only the other team member would have to be quarantined instead of their entire workforce.

“We get comments through the Facebook group everyday that it was the first time they tried our donuts,” Tammi said. “We’ve also had many comments about how good the employees have been and how clean the shop is all the time. We just want to thank all of our employees for how hard they have worked keeping up with the disinfecting, following procedures and taking care of customers.

“We also want to thank our kids for keeping everything running. And, we especially want to the Stark County community and all of our customers for supporting us.”

Dough Co. Doughnuts and Coffee is located at 4742 Hills and Dales Rd. NW. Call ahead ordering and curbside is available by calling 330-915-8053. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.