HARTVILLE For those students or adults who love to play lacrosse or are just learning about the game and need to buy the proper equipment, there is a new store in town. Lacrosse360 opened in Hartville at the end of July.

Owners Cathy and Thom Clark held a grand opening celebration on Oct. 26. The store is at 854 W. Maple St. in the Edison Plaza. It’s 2,000 square feet packed full of all of the latest lacrosse equipment and supplies.

Shoppers will find lacrosse sticks, heads, balls, body protection gear and New Balance shoes among other items.

“We carry items for girls, boys, adult men and women and youth starting in kindergarten,” said Cathy Clark. “Our kids play lacrosse and my husband and I just fell in love with the sport. One thing we found out is that there are only a few places around that carry lacrosse items. The stores that do have lacrosse has a limited selection and generally nothing for girls. We also have items for lacrosse coaches.”

The store has a big cage located in the back for people who want to try out different lacrosse sticks. The cage has a monitor that will report the player’s speed when they throw a ball into the net.

The grand opening event had raffles, free chocolates, and shoppers also got a 10 percent discount on items they purchased during the grand opening. The cofounders of the Pittsburgh Lacrosse School, Jordan Dykla and Josh Coen. They also own the travel box lacrosse team called the Pittsburgh Kings.

Nicolas Ouimet from Wraith Lacrosse was at the grand opening restringing lacrosse heads and showing some of his custom work.

“We’ve had a great reception from the local community since we opened in July,” said Thom Clark.

“We have had sales to all local high schools, local college teams and people have been coming down from Hudson and other areas north of us. This is the closest specialty store in the area. There is one in Columbus,” Cathy Clark added.

Lacrosse360 is at 854 W. Maple St. in Hartville. The phone number is 330-587-2343. Visit it online at www.lacrosse360.us.