JACKSON TWP.  Students in Jackson High School's Construction Technology program have built six storage sheds as part of their class project. Now, the group is looking for buyers for three of them.

Brian Clevenger, the school's Construction Technology teacher, said the juniors enrolled in the program build the sheds as a year-long project - which has been a tradition the last several years. The sheds are made with top of the line materials and are built to last, according to Clevenger.

The cost of each is $1,400, plus delivery charges, which is lower than last year’s price. Clevenger said the sheds are sold at the cost of materials, and prices were lower this year.

"The sheds are 8-by-12 feet and made much better than what you can buy at one of the local home improvement stores or even Amish-made," Clevenger said. "They are framed more like a home instead of a shed."

Building the sheds teaches the students a number of skills, such as using specific tools and the basics of construction. Clevenger said selling the finished product is a way for the students to take great pride in their workmanship, especially since they know the product will be used for a long time. Clevenger said he designed the sheds specifically for the students to learn a number of skills.

"The students start with site preparation, design and layout, then we learn floor and wall framing and lastly we learn roofing, siding and door installation," Clevenger said. "It’s a complete construction experience on a smaller scale than a house. They learn construction from the ground up."

Since labor costs are not included, Clevenger said the price is about half that of the big-box or Amish-made sheds. The money from the sales goes toward buying materials for next year’s class.

"There are many benefits to buying one of our sheds, such as getting a maintenance-free shed with a steel rolling garage door like the ones found on storage units," Clevenger said. "The door is much more secure than other sheds. The ceiling height is another big advantage because you can put shelves up in the unit. And, again, the overall quality of the materials used is much higher than other sheds."

The district has bought several of the sheds over the years and Clevenger said that some of the first ones built are still being used, adding that they still look great and the materials have held up well.

The sheds will be available throughout the summer, or until they sell out. To look at the sheds or get more information, call Clevenger at Jackson High School at 330-837-3501, ext. 1535.

The Construction Technology program prepares high school students for technical and professional level careers in designing, planning, managing, building and maintaining built environments.