Combat veterans often have special needs after returning from serving in the military.

Combat veterans often have special needs after returning from serving in the military.

Though he didn't see combat, Jason Correll said that after serving in the military, his perspective on life changed. He felt uncomfortable eating in restaurants where people sit behind him, so he prefers to sit with his back against the wall.

Because of his personal experiences and conversations he’s had with other veterans, Correll decided to create an organization that helped veterans attend and enjoy family events such as baseball, basketball, concerts and shows. Veterans Entertainment Trauma Survivors (VETS), Inc. was founded in December 2014.

“It just kind of started by talking to vets,” Correll said. “It pushed me over the edge to say I've got to start it. I've got to do it.”

VETS, Inc. held its first event last month by taking a group of veterans and their families to an Akron RubberDucks game.

“We take combat veterans who suffered trauma or have some form of disability and provide them with entertainment, a show or ballgame,” said Devin Flagg, director of fundraising and a junior at Jackson High School. “We give them a full-pack deal. Everything they would need.”

As a nonprofit organization, VETS, Inc. mostly earns money through fundraising in order to take veterans to these events. The organization will host its next fundraiser, a golf outing, on Oct. 11 at Elms Country Club, located 1608 Manchester Road SW in Massillon.

Tickets are $65 to participate with check-in beginning at 9 a.m. The golfing will begin at 10 a.m. There will also be raffles and food at the outing.

Monetary donations are accepted as well.

“I just think it's a really good cause,” Flagg said. “And anyone who is willing to support (it) is a great deal of help, whether it be participation or a donation to the outing.”

VETS, Inc. hopes to be able to rent a suite at Quicken Loans Area for a year, which can cost up to $150,000. Renting a suite would allow multiple veterans and their families see up to 250 events per year.

Correll said he also hopes to gain sponsorships from businesses related to veteran's affairs to support the organization in coming years.

“By doing smaller fundraisers like the golf outing,” Corell said. “We're trying to kind of get the word out to the community.”

Donations can be made online at

Contact Correll at for any questions about the outing or donations.