Stephanie Mallette's calendar is always packed full of activities for work, sports and school events and doctor's appointments for her parents.

Stephanie Mallette's calendar is always packed full of activities for work, sports and school events and doctor's appointments for her parents. Plus, she keeps a stack of reminder notes for each day clipped to the calendar.

Mallette is an Emergency Department nurse educator at Aultman Hospital in Canton. She and her husband Sam have four children Alex, 15, Anna, 14, Amie, 13, and Andy, 10. The family has a West Highlander Terrier and three guinea pigs. They all live in Jackson Township.

Mallette uses a big hanging calendar to keep track of work schedules and to organize her daily life. The calendar hangs on the back of the kitchen door leading to the garage. Everyone can quickly see what's happening by looking through the calendar.

Staying organized and finding a good balance between family and work are two things Mallette attributes to her success. Family has always been central in her life, even when it came time to choose a career. Thanks to her father's input early in her life, Mallette decided she wanted to be a nurse.


Mallette has worked two other jobs, both while in high school and college. She worked at a Burger King fast-food restaurant in her hometown of Byesville while in high school. While working at the restaurant, she was offered a job as a DJ with a local radio station.

Mallette went to a Catholic school during her elementary years and for one year of high school. She graduated from Meadowbrook High School in Byseville and went on to earn her associate's and bachelor's degrees in nursing from Walsh University.

Mallette earned a master's degree in nursing education from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minn. After graduating college, she immediately began working as a nurse at Aultman Hospital.


Mallette's parents are both retired from Champion Spark Plug and still live in Byesville. She has an older brother, Mike, who is an accountant and lives in Byesville and a younger sister Sarah who is a veterinarian in Canton.

Her parents recommended she volunteer at their local hospital when she was in high school and she got a good sense of that nursing would be something she would enjoy.

“My dad always told me I had to be a nurse because people are always going to need a nurse, so you'll always have a job,” Mallette said. “He said if I wanted to travel and do other things in my life, I needed a stable job. I think he saw traits in my personality that convinced him I'd make a good nurse.”

Her father was right. The career in nursing suits her perfectly.

“I love nursing and feel it has been a great fit,” Mallette said. “I love going to work. I like talking with people and I like knowing I was involved with their care. I feel I make a huge impact on my patients.”

Emergency nurses take care of all types of situations from the very critical to minor cuts and bruises. Mallette said emergency department nurses are very resilient. Often times they are the last person a patient sees before going into surgery or sometimes before they die.


Mallette said her husband is a big part of keeping the family on track and she couldn't do all that she does without his help.

“We both embrace the meaning of family and we try to make everyone feel a part of our family,” she said.

Mallette said while she keeps busy all the time, there are times she needs a little bit of space and time to reflect.

“As a parent and a nurse, I'm constantly giving,” Mallette said. “There are times I have to take some alone time to reflect on things that have happened. It humanizes me and gives me time to think about being the best mom or the best nurse I can be.”