If you've been to any Jackson basketball or football games in the last 30 years, you've likely seen him in the crowd.

If you've been to any Jackson basketball or football games in the last 30 years, you've likely seen him in the crowd.

Or maybe you heard a voice shout out, “Go Bears,” at a critical point in the game. Usually, he likes to sit in the back, wearing his favorite purple-and-gold regalia, camera in hand, filming the action on the court or on the field.

For Chuck Danner this isn't a job, it's a passion.

“My role in videotaping the games started with Elmer Scheetz,” Danner said. “I picked up the basketball then with Larry Taylor into the current era.”

Danner has been to almost every single football and basketball game in that 30-year timespan filming the games and then making copies on DVD with the radio broadcast synced in, giving copies to the players and their families.

It's something that both current and former players appreciate and will remember for the rest of their lives.

Wes Steiner was a part of the 2001 Jackson basketball team that went to the Final Four. He remembers Danner to this day and is thankful for everything he did for the program.

“Everything Chuck did for us as a program was great,” Steiner said. “Having every game film including scrimmages to see our mistakes helped us reach the level that we reached. His contribution was outstanding and I thank him for that.”

Tyler Dunn, a senior on this year's Federal League championship basketball team is also appreciative of Danner's involvement in the program.

“He's like family to us, he's a part of our program because we understand how much time he puts into Jackson basketball,” Dunn said. “He always had DVD copies of my games and TV interviews. I'm really going to miss hearing his famous 'Go Bears' watching the film.”



Danner's passion for Jackson began at young age. A 1957 Jackson graduate, he remembers very early on going to sporting events and cheering on the Polar Bears.

“Our homestead house is right next door,” Danner said. “My dad moved into it in 1914. We're Jackson Township people through and through. I graduated from Jackson in 1957 along with 102 other graduates and we still stay together.”

Danner and his classmates are amazed at what the Jackson school system and particularly the sports program have accomplished in the years since his graduation. His fondest memory was being a part of the 2010 Jackson basketball team that won the state championship.

“To go to the state tournament was a dream,” Danner said. “For those of us from that earlier time it was especially meaningful because we did not believe we would ever be competing with the McKinley's of the day or other large schools. “

Danner still enjoys going to all of the games and has reveled in the accomplishments of the Jackson sports programs throughout the last 30 years. Even though the players and families are appreciative of everything that Danner has done, he appreciates what they have done for him and the school he loves.

“When anyone – players sometimes or parents occasionally – comments on the appreciation side of it, I immediately think of that it's a very minimal role that I play,” Danner said. “My knowledge of the amount of work that they (the players) put into sports based upon what they have done, it's just an honor for me to add to that.”

So the next time you're at a Jackson football and basketball game and hear a “Go Bears” from the back of the crowd you can look over and see Chuck Danner, doing what he loves, proud to be a Polar Bear.