Sports editor and rock aficionado Chris Beaven lists the five songs he hopes make the cut for the Aug. 7 setlist in Canton.

Aerosmith will perform Aug. 7 at Tom Benson Stadium (formerly Fawcett Stadium) in what the Pro Football Hall of Fame is calling an inaugural Concert For Legends during this year’s enshrinement festival.

While “Dream On,” “Walk This Way” and “Sweet Emotion” are sure to be played, plus hits from the ’80s and ’90s, here are five songs I hope make the cut for the Aug. 7 setlist in Canton. And yes, we’re going only with classics from the ‘70s, with some of the best killer guitar riffs from Joe Perry and Brad Whitford ever heard.

“Draw The Line”

• Still love the album cover with the black-and-white drawing and the long hair that looked so cool when I was a kid. The song itself always gets turned up to 11 when it pops up on the iPod or radio.

“Back In The Saddle”

• One of my first favorite Aerosmith songs. Perry at his best. Can’t help but scream (sing) along with Steven Tyler when he cuts loose at the end.

“Chip Away The Stone”

• Released in 1978, I became a fan of this one when it showed up as a video on MTV at some point in the late 1980s and then on some greatest hits albums.

“Kings And Queens”

• Figure there’s about zero chance of this one showing up. But always loved it — especially the lyric “Kings and Queens and guillotines,” which immediately entered my head when I heard the show was announced.

“Last Child”

• Best. Aerosmith. Song. Ever.

Chris Beaven, Repository Sports Editor