Quick notes and quotes as we wait for the other shoe to drop on the second day of free agency.

• Quick facts on a free agent the Browns have signed and one they still have on the radar:
Brian Hartline has 298 career catches and 12 career touchdowns.
Cecil Shorts has 176 career catches and 12 career TDs.
 • Asked about his low TDs-to-catches ratio, Hartline said:
“Every offensive coordinator, every offense has their own red zone-package. I am looking to work myself into a plan to be more involved, get more targets in that area and really help the team execute down in that zone.
“I think I am pretty sure-handed, and anything in my area I am going to bring in. I am not really worried about the past. I am more worried about proving myself and getting into a situation where I am more involved in the red zone.”
• Anyone who sees Hartline as a “possession receiver” isn’t viewing him the way he sees himself.
He was a major track star at GlenOak. In football-related races in Miami Dolphin practice settings, he more than held his own against Ted Ginn Jr. and Mike Wallace.
We are told by family members that joining the Browns really wasn’t about the money. He bought a place in Ohio recently long before he was anywhere close to knowing he would be a Brown. He grew tired of the heat and the expense of living in Miami.
We are told there is a fresh look on his face that hasn’t been there for a fairly long time.
• Bill Polian, who is going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year based on his ability to build rosters, had a little advice today for the Browns and other teams that might shy away from spending big on a free agent or be inclined to trade out of a high draft spot:
“You win with difference makers ... as many as you can get.”
• Polian or no Polian, giving Darrelle Revis, who will turn 30 before training camp, got $39 million guaranteed from the Jets.
The Browns will have a road game against the Jets this year. The guess is Revis will be covering someone not yet in Cleveland. We’ll suppose new Jet Buster Skrine’s assignment will be Andrew Hawkins.
• One reason the Jets were hot on Revis’ and Skrine’s trails:
Charles Johnson’s best 2014 game (103 yards, a 56-yard TD) was in a December win over the Jets.
Johnson is the receiver who was cut by the Browns late in the preseason and was claimed by the Vikings
• The 6-foot-2 Johnson wound up with 31 catches for 475 yards in Minnesota. Ray Farmer opted to keep 5-8 Taylor Gabriel, who gave the Browns 36 catches for 621 yards.
• Cecil Shorts would bring fairly normal size to the receiving corps. He was measured at 5-11 3/4 at the 2011 Combine.
NFL rosters list Hartline at 6-2. He was measured at 6-1 5/8 at the 2009 Combine.
• I think the people calling it a “crazy” first day of free agency only thought so because of their own ... perhaps the disease is Twitter Anxiety.
Tons of free agents who will be important players in 2015 remained on the market today.
Maybe it is a little surprising that Haloti Ngata will no more be helping Baltimore this year than Kamerion Wimbley will be helping the Browns.
But even that “blockbuster” is fairly routine when you consider Ngata will turn 32 before the next Super Bowl and was busted for four games last year.
• Marlon Moore, who has 19 catches since entering the NFL in 2010, has been re-signed by the Browns. He was a Dolphins teammate of Brian Hartline from 2010-13.
He might stick around as a special-teamer.
• As we mentioned via @sdoerschukREP, I wouldn’t hyperventilate over the Browns’ relative nonactivity earlier than sundown Friday.