Why choose between an Xbox One and PS4 when you can have both?

That's the idea behind the "PlayBox," a monstrous custom laptop that manages to cram both an Xbox One and PS4 into one device with a 22-inch, 1080p screen.

To swap between game consoles, there's a switch in the back, and the PlayBox works with both Xbox One and PS4 wireless controllers. Games are loaded into either side.

The PlayBox is the latest custom project from Ed Zarick, a hacker-maker who builds custom prototypes for game enthusiasts. In the past, Zarick has modified both the PS4 and Xbox One, turning each into their own laptop and even combining the Xbox 360 and Xbox One into a single package called the Xbox Duo.

While the PlayBox is technically a laptop, it's huge even when compared to other gaming laptops. You also need to keep it plugged in, so unless you're near an outlet, you won't be using this beast on your next road trip.

You won't be able to buy the PlayBox in store anytime soon, but if you're interested in ordering one for yourself, you can request your own made-to-order PlayBox by contacting Zarick here.

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