While Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, all that shopping will benefit the area well past the holiday season.

While Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, all that shopping will benefit the area well past the holiday season.

Jackson Township has plenty of retail shops, both big box and small business, to generate a positive impact on the area from all of those special deal days.

Jennifer Reno, operations manager, and Debbie Busby, sales executive, at the Jackson-Belden Chamber of Commerce, said the impact of the holiday season is always a bonus for the township. The chamber hears positive feedback from its members versus measuring the holiday season by the numbers.

“The area is the retail mecca in the surrounding area with all of the stores and restaurants on The Strip, those in Belden Village and all of the various small businesses the township offers,” Reno said.

Reno also believes that Jackson and the surrounding communities create an inviting place for shoppers to make holiday purchases and also make memories.

“Stark County and Jackson Township offer holiday shoppers a variety of reasons to shop here including our location which offers the Pro Football Hall of Fame, plenty of restaurants and hotels for extended stays and all of the many added amenities such as our museums and ArtsinStark,” Reno said. “There is also the availability of transportation such as the Akron-Canton Airport or the easy access on an off the interstates. And, consumers appreciate the sense of loyalty and high levels of customer-service they receive from area businesses.”

Reno mentioned she saw a “Jeopardy!” question a few years back that asked who had the most restaurants per capita than any city in the U.S. and the answer was the Belden Village area.

Another added savings benefit to shoppers is the low sales tax. According to www.tax-rates.org, for 2014, Stark County had a rate of 6.5 percent compared to Cuyahoga County's 8 percent, Portage County's 7 percent and Summit County's 6.75 percent.

Busby said this year it seems as though Black Friday deals have been extended into week-long deals or even season long offers. She added that some retailers may offer their best deals on items the closer the calendar gets to Christmas Day. Plus, there are always great deals the first few days after Christmas.

“The area also benefits from Cyber Monday because many people browse the Internet on Cyber Monday and then go into local businesses looking for a similar deal,” Busby said, “and they oftentimes find it. Small businesses have a bit more flexibility when it comes to pricing than some of the chain stores and they will often match the prices.”

Reno said small businesses in the area make up the majority of the Chamber's membership. The Chamber considers small business the backbone of the community. So far, most of the small business community feels positive about this holiday season.

“The retailers are still finding that people remain cautious about their spending,” Reno said. “Nonetheless, the small business owners definitely think that the past few years have been much better than the 2007, 2008 and 2009 seasons.”