There is nothing quite like the feeling of sinking a birdie putt. It's the accumulation of effort and concentration.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of sinking a birdie putt. It's the accumulation of effort and concentration.

This year, sinking a birdie or eagle putt for members on the Jackson boys and girls golf teams means a little more.

Within the last six months three students that attend Jackson Local Schools have been diagnosed with cancer. Wanting to help these students and their families that have been effected, girls coach Teal Harvey came up with the idea of a fundraiser. He shared the idea with boys coach Jim Kish and soon  Putting Fore a Purpose came to fruition.

“When he presented it to me, I thought it would be great,” Kish said.

Putting Fore a Purpose involves sponsors, friends and family donating money to the fundraiser based on how many birdies and eagles the girls and boys teams record this year. Those that want to donate a flat amount to the charity can also do that as well.

“It really helps motivate us with making birdies,” senior Anthony Barbary said.

So far, Kish estimates that the boys and girls golfers have combined for more than 200 birdies and eagles.

The fundraiser has also brought the community closer together in dealing with this illness.

“The community has come closer together and we're all kind of supporting the few that have leukemia,” senior Peter Marshall said. “I just think that, as a community, it's made us a stronger community and makes us more motivated to help out.”

For the golf team it hits close to home.

Not only have they experienced it amongst their classmates and friends but also on their own team as well.

“It's just a cool thing we can do as a golf team,” Austin Rohrer said “and, for me personally, being a cancer survivor it's a little more meaningful.”

So far, the fundraiser has been a success but the teams won't know how much they've raised until the end of the year. Because of the success of  Putting Fore a Purpose the teams have expanded the fundraiser.

“We also added in a blood drive that we're trying to do through Aultman hospital,” Kish said. “If we get 20 units of blood donated then they will give us a money amount and we will add that to the Putting Fore a Purpose fundraiser.”

Overall, during a season of ups and downs, the golf team has managed to focus on what's really important.

“It's just about helping the kids out that have leukemia,” Rohrer said. “We're a good, big community at Jackson so I knew we would all embrace it.”