A best-selling author is suing Greek yogurt company Chobani for using the word "how." 

Dov Seidman, who wrote a business management book called "How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything," says that Chobani's new marketing campaign infringes on his trademark of the word, writes Jonathan Mahler at The New York Times. 

Seidman is suing Chobani and advertising firm Droga5 and wants them to stop its new marketing campaign, "How Matters." 

The campaign highlights how Chobani yogurt is made. 

The yogurt company has responded aggressively to Seidman's lawsuit, denying they had heard of Seidman and asking the court to cancel his trademark for the word "how," according to Mahler. They also filed their own trademark application for "how matters." 

Seidman tells the Times that his rights were violated. 

"They’re using 'how' to convey and connote that they are an ethical company," he said. "They are using 'How' exactly the way I use it. They’ve appropriated the foundation of my entire philosophy."

Mahler says the legal case is notable because "how" is such a common word. 

Chobani is working to regain the share of the Greek yogurt market it has lost to other brands like Dannon and Yoplait.  

Here's Chobani's Super Bowl commercial, which features the tagline "How Matters." 

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