Green grass and blue skies will be Will Morisak's most faithful friends this summer.

Green grass and blue skies will be Will Morisak's most faithful friends this summer.

The Coventry senior soccer player is balancing his time between his training for the 2014 season and his summer job mowing lawns, meaning he will spend plenty of time with greenery beneath his feat and (hopefully) sunny skies overhead.

Three days a week, Morisak and his teammates assemble at Logan Field for open field training sessions in which they divide into teams and play soccer for two hours. Those hours are vital as the Comets learn a new formation that head coach Aaron Rose has implemented to reverse the results of a losing campaign in 2013.

"We come here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for open fields and from 9 (o'clock) to 11. We're just getting some work in and seeing how the team looks for next year, working on coming together as a family, as one," Morisak said. "This year, we've worked on a 4-3-2-1 (alignment) just to try something new and it's really an effective system and all of the teams like (FC) Barcelona and Real Madrid use that."

Learning a new system requires Morisak to improve his field vision from his center back position.

"Communication ... being the quarterback out there on the soccer field, I've got to help out my teammates," Morisak said of his role within the 4-3-2-1 system. "I have to be able to tell them where to go, see what's open and be another pair of eyes for them because I might see what they don't see."

While many high school students relish the summer as their chance to sleep well past noon and keep their life as low-key as possible, Morisak doesn't mind waking up in time to be at the field by 9 a.m.

He laughed as he noted that being on the pitch at that hour is still a welcome change from waking up at 6:30 a.m. five mornings a week during the school year, when he balances his days between classes at Coventry and post-secondary course work at the University of Akron.

"I like getting up so it doesn't waste my day and I don't sleep my day away," Morisak said. "I don't really like sleeping too late."

Accomplishing their objectives on the field is only part of the agenda for the Comets this summer. While soccer players aren't generally thought of as weight room warriors, Morisak and his teammates have increased their lifting in recent weeks after seeing opponents outmuscle them last season. More power will also be useful for the senior as he goes about his summer job mowing lawns and doing yard work for neighbors. Earning money for various expenses without having to worry about school is a nice change of pace, but for the two hours he spends on the pitch with his teammates, Morisak shuts out everything else and locks in on the task at hand.

"Once I can step on the field, it's all soccer," he said with a smile.

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