The above is a short and delightfully cheesy video in which Linus Torvalds, the creator of an open source operating system called Linux which powers all kinds of non-obvious things from Android to the New York Stock Exchange, reads mean tweets from some online detractors.

Torvalds famously wrote that he created the software "just for fun."

Two of the three tweets he reads are a bit wonky and specific (the first one just calls him "angry"), so here are brief explanations.

Linus Torvalds's crowning achievement: Linux or Git? Debate.

Git is a piece of software used by programmers to track revisions to source code and it has a fair number of detractors, just like anything would. The tweet is sarcastic.

Apparently Linux dual booting exists because Linus Torvalds wanted to play "Prince of Persia" on DOS.

One criticism of Linux is that it won't run many popular games. As "Prince of Persia" was the big deal game at the time Linux was developed, this tweet insinuates that Torvalds wanted to be able to play it on his computer, so he set up Linux to support booting with other operating systems. (As Torvalds explains in the video, Linux now supports Steam, the hugely popular gaming service by Valve.)

Ain't this guy a good sport?

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