The Rotary Club of Jackson Township presented checks Tuesday for $30,000 each to two local organizations to help build teen centers.

The Rotary Club of Jackson Township presented checks Tuesday for $30,000 each to two local organizations to help build teen centers.

One check went to the Stark County District Library Jackson Township branch and one went to the Paul and Carol David YMCA.

Both organizations will use the money to create teen centers within their facilities. Jim Ondrus, president of the Rotary, said the club’s focus this year has been on helping local teenagers.

“The Jackson Library will receive all of the money today, and the YMCA will receive $10,000 a year for the next three years,” Ondrus said.

“We asked Jean Campbell, the executive director, what the YMCA needed, and she suggested a teen center and the library needed to redo their teen center and refresh it, so the Rotary made donations to both,” he said.

Ondrus said the Rotary-sponsored youth group, Interact Club, from Jackson High School has been working with both the library and the YMCA to help design the teen centers. Tena Wilson, executive director for Stark County District Library said they consulted with the Interact Club to design areas in the library that will be meaningful and helpful to their needs.

“We’ve been planning to refresh the Jackson Township Branch, and this donation from the Rotary Club will help us get started,” Wilson said.

“The Jackson Township Branch has not been updated since it was built over 20 years ago, so we are planning to do a $100,000 update,” she said. “Part of that will be to add some of the design suggestions from the Interact Club for teen-aged patrons,” she said.

Wilson said  she also is working closely with the YMCA to make sure the two organizations will not duplicate services.

“The organizations will be able to work together to provide unique spaces for teens to gather to exercise their minds by doing group work, creating content, working collaboratively and areas for them to go to YMCA for physical activities. The library has always been a place where parents trust their kids to go and be safe, and these upgrades will make it an even greater place to interact,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the library system as a whole is updating its technology and will be raising awareness of the many services the library branches, including Jackson Township, offer.

The YMCA was not available for comment on specific plans.

Ondrus said the money was raised through various fundraisers during the past few years, including activities at the Community Celebration and through Vintage Jackson.