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Amazon is going to release its own video streaming box like Apple TV "any day now" and it will come pre-loaded with Netflix and Hulu, two of its web video rivals. New Jersey banned sales of Teslas in the state based on arcane auto dealership laws. There was a report last night that Sheryl Sandberg was being eyed for the CEO slot at Disney, but that is not true.  Here's an explanation of pCell, the revolutionary technology that promises to deliver better, faster cellular data to your phone. The hottest app at SXSW wasn't an app at all this year, it was plain old television. TV shows and TV stars were the hottest thing. Apple is opening a cluster of small, local iOS-oriented stores in India to ramp sales. Until recently Apple had not done much in India. The creator of Flappy Bird gave an interview to Rolling Stone. He says he has three new games in the works and would even consider re-releasing Flappy Bird. Disney is in talks to buy YouTube channel Maker Studios for $500 million. Google acquired Green Throttle Games to help build its own set-top box for TV. Green Throttle was defunct, but it had been working on a video game system. Observation from analyst Benedict Evans: By the end of this year, China Mobile could have more 3G subscribers than there are mobile subscribers in all of the USA.

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