The Coen Brothers' latest film, "Inside Llewyn Davis," and Jason Statham's thriller "Homefront" lead these movies new to DVD and Blu-ray this week.

The latest quirky effort from the Coen Brothers, "Inside Llewyn Davis," and Jason Statham's action-thriller "Homefront" lead these movies that are new to DVD and Blu-ray this week. "Inside Llewyn Davis" (Sony, 2013, R for language, $30.99, DVD and digital versions, featurette). The latest from the Coen Brothers is a mixed bag: great music, atmosphere and performances (led by Oscar Isaac in the title role) but with a central character that is difficult to like, much less stick with for 104 minutes. Still, setting the action in the 1961 Greenwich Village folk scene may appeal to both music buffs and baby boomers, the cast (Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Justin Timberlake) is impressive and the music is worthwhile. (Also on Blu-ray, $35.99) "Homefront" (Universal/Blu-ray, 2013; R for violence, language, sex, drugs; two discs, $34.98; Blu-ray, DVD, digital versions; deleted scenes). Better-than-average Jason Statham vehicle casts him as a widowed former DEA agent with a young daughter trying to keep a low profile in a small Southern town until he, naturally, butts heads with the local drug lord (James Franco). The script is by Sylvester Stallone (no, really) and it gives showy roles to Winona Ryder and especially an almost unrecognizable Kate Bosworth. (Also on DVD, $29.98) "Against the Wild" (Anchor Bay, 2014, PG, $24.98, featurette, outtakes). Overly familiar lost-in-the-wilderness yarn is nonetheless an engaging family film about a young brother and sister (CJ Adams, of "The Odd Life of Timothy Green," and Erin Pitt) who survive a plane crash in Alaska and, with help from their dog, battle the elements to return to civilization. Vivid location filming helps. Natasha Henstridge plays their mother. (Exclusively at Walmart). "Iron Sky: Director's Cut" (eOne/Blu-ray, 2012, not rated, $29.98, Blu-ray and DVD versions, in English and German with English subtitles, feature-length documentary, trailers, photo gallery; 32-page production design/photo booklet; collectible tin packaging). Off-the-wall comedy about the Third Reich fleeing to the dark side of the moon in the 1940s and regrouping to attack the Earth in 2018 when a U.S. astronaut inadvertently gives them new technology. Campy and amusing for fans of bizarre bad-good movies, though extending it by 17 minutes for this "Director's Cut" makes it feel overlong. "Mademoiselle C" (Cohen/Blu-ray, R for language and nudity, $34.98, in English and French with English subtitles, featurette, trailer). If you have an interest in high fashion, this documentary is for you. It's an insider glimpse into the life of Carine Roitfeld, who ran the French edition of Vogue magazine for a decade and whose inner circle includes such interviewees as designers Tom Ford, Diane von Furstenberg and Karl Lagerfeld, along with actress Sarah Jessica Parker, models Kate Upton and Linda Evangelista, etc. (Also on DVD, $24.98) "Noah's Ark" (Shout! Kids, 2014, not rated, $14.93). Light, airy animated kids film from Argentina (dubbed in English) has Noah taking animals two-by-two aboard his ark to survive the biblical flood only to find they are squabbling anthropomorphic creatures who, in this confined space, battle for supremacy. "King of Chinatown" (IndiePix, 2014, not rated, $19.95, deleted scenes, alternate ending, featurette). Hourlong documentary explores the subculture of video-game fighting through the eyes of professional gamer Justin Wong as he prepares to square off against the best players of "Street Fighter IV," which was the top game when this was filmed. "Cruzin' " (IndiePix, 2014, not rated, $19.95, audio commentary, featurette, trailer). This hourlong documentary follows U.S. Olympian cyclist Tony Cruz as he and 13 friends bike over 12 days and 1,000 miles from North Vietnam through South Vietnam.%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//