Illinois figure skater Jason Brown asked Park City ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson to be his Valentine via Twitter

SOCHI, Russia - Jason Brown is only 19 years old but he certainly knows how to impress the ladies. Brown, a figure skater, used Twitter to make his affection known for Sarah Hendrickson. The Highland Park, Illinois native, who happens to be the same age as the ski jumper, drew his Valentine request on a white board. "Sarah Hendrickson, will you be my Olympic Valentine?" he wrote in a red heart. A lot of ooh-ing and aw-ing took place in response to the gesture before Hendrickson saw it and answered in the affirmative. "How am I so lucky to be the lucky girl?" she tweeted back at Brown, who finished ninth in his Olympic debut. "I would be honored." And four hours later, Brown responded with flattery and joy. "My day is made!" he tweeted. "Olympic experience complete!"%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//