Fire broke out in the former Springfield High School just before noon Friday. It was extinguished, and no one was injured.

Springfield Township police officer Perry Linaburg was at the intersection of Canton and Sanitarium roads just before noon Friday when he spotted smoke coming from the former Springfield High School building.

Lakemore Fire Chief Barry Saley said preliminary investigation showed that workers were in the elevator shaft and there was some kind of fire.

"We have not yet determined what kind of fire", Saley said. "They attempted to self-extinguish it and were unsuccessful. When we arrived, there was positive fire coming out of the elevator shaft."

The fire was extinguished, and no one was injured. An estimate of damage was not available.

Springfield Fire Chief Vic Wincik said workers doing demolition were in the elevator shaft, and sparks may have caught some oil on fire.

"It is not unusual in these situation to have something like that happen," he sad. "They try their best, but sometimes it happens. In this case, the elevator car was all the way down."

Mogadore and Coventry departments also responded and helped with a search of the building. The four departments are on automatic aid to structure fires and responded to the call. "We all got toned at the same time, and we all responded," said Saley.

The building was built in 1950, is in the village of Lakemore and is slated to be torn down during the next few months. Crews were on site to finalize the abatement of asbestos and to prepare the building for final demolition.

"We secured the building, and I made contact with the principal, Mrs. (Cynthia) Frola, and advised her of the situation and that her building was intact and there were no potential hazards," Saley said.

Students moved from the older to building to a new building in January. The new building is in front of the older structure.

Capt. Steve Simich of Springfield Fire Department said it was reported that two people were in the building, but they got out safely as the departments arrived.

The Lakemore Fire Department will investigate.