The Stark County Courthouse is open for business, but the plummeting coldness is postponing some trials.

The Stark County Courthouse was open Monday, but some trials have been postponed due to the cold temperatures gripping the area.

Marc Warner, court administrator, said it's rare that cases are rescheduled due to the sinking temperature as opposed to heavy snowfall.

"We just want to limit as much as we can, under the circumstances, ... the number of jurors that we're having come in, trying to be mindful of ... the potential hardship it creates," he said.

Criminal pretrials were not affected Monday. However, a medical malpractice lawsuit that was to start Tuesday in the courtroom of Stark County Common Pleas Judge Frank Forchione will now start Wednesday, Warner said.

Experts are coming from out of town for that case.

However, a criminal trial has been postponed, moved from Tuesday to Wednesday. The decision is up to each judge, he said. Some cases are easier to reschedule than others, Warner noted.

The courthouse has closed previously because of snow, Warner said. "It's been several years," he said.

Those on jury duty are asked to follow the regular procedures, Warner said. The summons mailed to jurors includes an automated phone number that tells them whether to show up.