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  • Fischer enjoying chance to win her own medals

  • Patricia Fischer may be retired from school teaching, but she is not retired from life.

    At the age of 73, she has competed at the state, regional, and national level in water skiing.

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  • Patricia Fischer may be retired from school teaching, but she is not retired from life.
    At the age of 73, she has competed at the state, regional, and national level in water skiing.
    “I was driving home from retiring and I was thinking I would do it next time like I was going to be born again or something,” she laughed. “I thought I would be young again and then I would start competing. I said to myself, What are you talking about? There is no next time. Start now! So many people wait until next year. When you retire, you don’t know about next year. You might as well just start doing it now and get it done.”
    A teacher with Akron Public Schools for 35 years, Fischer taught physical education, health, and coached volleyball, basketball, track and gymnastics.
    “I always coached and watched the kids get their trophies and medals,” she said. “Now it is it time for me to get mine.”
    Fischer has competed in slalom and tricks. With tricks, people do surface turns and varying types of 180s and 360s. People go through wakes and do different turns across the wakes. Then Fisher must put her foot in the rope and do tricks with her toes in there, earning earn points by what she does. For slalom, the goal is go around six orange balls with no missing allowed.
    The Portage Lakes resident has competed in the 70-75 year-old age bracket in California, Texas, Florida and recently Illinois to take three firsts at the National level.
    “There were seven of us ranked to go to nationals,” she said. “In 2009, I could not compete because I was on Coumadin, but up to 2008, I took first and seconds in states. I also took second, thirds, and fourths at nationals. This is the first year I ever got first. I am so excited.”
    When Fischer is not water skiing, she is snow skiing.
    “I am beginning to like snow skiing so much I hate to see the snow stop,” she laughed. “This year was fantastic. I snow skied at Brandywine until around March 17 and then started water skiing on March 20. I love when it goes from one thing to the other. I normally water ski until November.”
    Retirement does not mean the end.
    “People do tend to think that it’s too late to do something because you didn’t do it when you were young,” Fischer said. “That’s just crazy. There are so many things you can do.”
    Fisher also tap dances for Judy Cain at nursing homes and other locations, and does the jitter bug at a club on Wednesday nights.
    There is one thing Fischer does not do.
    Page 2 of 2 - “Oh, I do not do AARP. I do not do meetings,” she laughed. “I have tap danced at their meetings before though.”
    She believes everyone should live life to the fullest.
    “I do things that make me happy. The more you exercise, the better off you are. Getting up and doing things is really great for you. You can just stay active on your own property. I also heat my house with wood so I haul the wood and split it. I work outside a lot.”
    Fischer would rather be skiing than anything else.
    “It is just a thrill. When you are out there and you go through those balls, I get home from there and I just think that life is great. It is not that it is easy. My shoulders hurt. But it is good for me. It is quite a work out.”
    Her achievements are priceless to Fischer.
    “I just love to get awards,” she said. “I was the coach. I had never won awards. I had never competed in anything. When I went to school, they didn’t do that much of anything so I spent my life helping other people. I can’t believe I got first, first, first. It was just a fluke of a year. I beat everybody. I absolutely love my stuff.”

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