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  • Necole Sims: Parents need to use some form of discipline

  • Parents need to heed this warning. Use some form of discipline, other than “I’m only going to tell you this one last time” (when actually, it was your 10th warning.)

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  • To celebrate my daughter Sarrah’s, 22nd birthday, we went to a restaurant in Westlake, a Chuck E. Cheese for grownups. I’ve been there several times, but this is the first time I experienced mayhem.
    Children of all ages were everywhere. That was shocking, since this restaurant caters to adults. Almost all the kids were running around unsupervised, stepping on feet, cutting adults in line and yelling.
    Sarrah, exasperated, proclaimed, “This is why I’m never having any children.”
    A couple of days ago, we were in a fast-food restaurant. A group of preteen girls were there. These girls, in their Daisy Duke shorts and short shirts, were running in and out of the restaurant, making a spectacle. Once again, this group was unsupervised.
    The clerk told me she had a young daughter and prayed she wouldn’t act like that in a few years. I looked at Sarrah and said, “She wouldn’t have. I wouldn’t allow it.”
    My parents didn’t play this “time-out” nonsense with me or my three siblings. Mom would say, “Where it went down is where it goes down.”
    Translation: if we acted up in a store, that’s where the whupping would occur. We got one chance to straighten up or else. They knew where we were at all times. Heaven forbid if they found out we weren’t where we said we’d be.
    I took the old school approach of my parents with Sarrah. She behaved, or it was punishment time. I believe if you teach your child to behave at home, they behave outside the home.
    Sarrah knew my word was law. Our home was not a democracy. You did as you were told, end of story. She became a child that, at a single glance, any nonsense she was thinking about quickly left her thought process.
    I watch parents today raise their voices and tell their children to stop their behavior, only to have the child look at them, say no and continue to misbehave. Are you kidding me?
    Some parents have the naughty chair, time-out seat and other ridiculous tools that obviously don’t work. I’ve seen kids cuss at their parents, hit them, throw temper tantrums and act like delinquents. Jimmy Hoffa could be found before Sarrah thought about doing any of those things.
    Parents need to heed this warning. Use some form of discipline, other than “I’m only going to tell you this one last time” (when actually, it was your 10th warning.)
    What becomes of the kid, preteen, teenager and young adult left unsupervised who grows up without understanding the full consequences of his or her actions? Look at the newspaper in the month of August alone: 19- and 20-year olds walking up on people’s porches so they can shoot at someone else, adults who think nothing of taking a life, fighting in the streets. Canton is becoming like the OK Corral.
    Page 2 of 2 - Supervise your children, teach them right from wrong, tell them about the repercussions from bad decisions. Love is tough, but so is life, and it will be harder if you have to visit your kid in someplace other than a restaurant — like a jail.

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