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  • Letter to the Editor, The benefits of new buildings in Coventry

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  • On Aug. 7, Coventry residents have the opportunity to change the course of their schools forever. The state of Ohio has offered our community a chance to use 11 million dollars of state funds to build a new high school and renovate existing buildings. If this levy passes, it will be the first time in many, many years that Coventry buildings and facilities would equal those of neighboring districts. This is a onetime offer and one that voters must not turn down.
    To the parents in our district, you must know that your children are receiving a quality education. For the past three years our schools have earned an excellent rating in both OAA and OGT state tests. It is easy to see that Coventry teachers go the extra mile. Our district provides a variety of quality programs for all types of kids and yet, we are frugal in our spending and stretch your tax dollars as far as they can possibly go. We do a lot with very little. Coventry students go to school every day in a safe, nurturing environment. They come home every night well-cared for and well-educated.
    To the residents of Coventry please remember that newer schools mean higher property values and that means more money in your pocket. With newer schools, business and industry will choose our area as a “prime location,” settle there and thus keep the cycle of prosperity going. It's a “win-win” solution for everyone.
    Finally, Coventry residents have always been “the salt of the earth” kind of people, who cared about their children, their schools and their community. Aug. 7 is your day to stand up and be counted. Go to the polls, cast a vote of “yes” for Coventry Schools, and then sit back and watch your schools shine brighter than ever before.
    Patti Freeder
    Retired Coventry teacher

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